Unique Casino Games

This guide is going to be letting you know of some of the more unique types of casino games that you will always find available to you as a player at Tiger Gaming Casino, be aware that you can play their unique games for free or for real money so you can always set about testing them out at no risk at first!

It is mainly Keno games that make up their range of unique games and as such if you have never played those types of game before then let us give you an insight into how they play and pay!

You will first have to select some numbers to have placed on your Keno card and then choose a stake to play the Keno game for and then you imply click onto the play button, and when you do so twenty numbers of the eighty that are held in the Keno machine will be drawn out.

The aim is for you to get as many of those numbers drawn out of the Keno machines as it possible and the more of them you do manage to match the more you stand to win, and you really can win big even if you are playing for very low stake amounts by the way!

High Odds and Fast Winning Payouts

Sports bettors and unique casino game players alike are guaranteed of being able to play in a safe and secure gambling environment when they do set about betting at Tiger Gaming, for all of their betting opportunities on offer come with generous odds and guaranteed payouts and they do hold a full and valid gambling license too.

Whilst you will not be able to place bets and wagers on Donald Trump at this time at the sportsbook offered at Tiger Gaming, you will be impressed by their very wide range of different betting opportunities that cover every possible type of sporting event and sporting fixture too!

There really are going to be some fun and every unusual yet exciting unique games you can always get stuck into playing whenever you sign up to the Tiger Gaming site either via their online or mobile platforms and apps, however also keep in mind you will always have lots of additional wagering and winning opportunities too.

One fairly new addition to their range of gaming sites is their financial betting site, and as such if you fancy placing bets and wagers on Forex and the value of any countries currency either rising or falling over any give time period then please do checkout that new site of theirs as you could win big when placing financial bets and wagers just like you could when playing any of their  huge and ever growing range of casino games!

Lots of New Games Available

The suite of games available at Tiger Gaming Casino are updated regularly and as such you are always going to find plenty of brand new games on offer that you will never have seen or played before so do be on the lookout for those new games when you log into the casino.

One question you may have is whether there are other games and things to gamble on at Tiger Gaming, and with that in mind below you will find a quick roundup of some of the additional games and betting opportunities that will be open to you as one of their new customers.

Century Downs Racetrack Betting – You can place a bet on any race that is being held at the race track over at Century Downs Racetrack and Casino, Calgary if you sign up to the Race Book that is available at Tiger gaming and you will find a special rebate scheme in place at that race betting site too.

Double Bonus – If it is video poker games you are looking to play then you will always find some of the most generous pay tables attached to games such as Double Bonus when you play at Tiger Gaming Casino, and when playing perfectly you will always get the highest possible pay backs too.

Calgary Stampeders Wagers – One of the best ways you can always be guaranteed of getting the best odds on any match that Calgary Stampeders are playing in is by visiting the Tiger Gaming Sportsbook for they always offer early odds on all of their matches and take lot of unique bets and wagers too.

Roulette – You will not need to have a huge bankroll when playing at the Tiger Gaming Casino for all of their many different casino card games and also their table games such as Roulette come with fully adjustable chip value option settings.

Football –  You will find you can place a bet on any Football match when you sign up to the Sportsbook at Tiger Gaming, and by doing so you are always going to be guaranteed of being offered the very highest odds in the industry that you can take instantly via their betting platform.

Victory Lane – You will of course want to have the best chances of winning if you like playing slot machines and slot games and as such we would recommend that if you are a slot player looking for a fully rounded slot to play you give the Victory Lane slot some play time sooner rather than later!

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