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This entire website is dedicated to showcasing to you the benefits of signing up to Tiger Gaming. Being an online and now mobile gambling company that have been around since 1999 you are always going to find they will live up to and even exceed your very highest of expectations.

However, having been in business for so very long, there is much more to Tiger Gaming that first meets the eye, and with that in mind please do read on but also checkout some of our additional guides, articles and news stories too.

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Number One Canadian Poker Site

TigerGaming Poker BannerIt is very true to say that in regards to the number and range of different poker sites that Canadian poker players can sign up to and play at, there are only a small number of them that will be offering you a fully rounded poker playing experience.

Have a look at Top10PokerSites.net if you are looking for the up to date list of real money Canada poker sites for Canadian poker players.

Having been granted a full and valid gaming license, and being a site that offers a round the clock customer support service, fast winning payouts and of course a poker site that all Canadian poker players can sign up to, deposit and play in Canadian Dollars they are the type of poker site every serious poker player should be playing at, no matter in which Canadian Province they live in!

Poker Cash Ring Games

Tiger Gaming PokerIt doesn’t matter how large or small your poker playing bankroll is, one thing that you are always going to find on offer at Tiger Gaming Poker is a huge range of open and live poker tables that will be offering buy-ins that you can more than conformably afford to pay.

However, also keep in mind that they also offer a range of free to enter poker tournaments in addition to their paid to enter poker tournaments as you will discover below!

In regards to the actual poker game variants you will have on offer to you, well you will of course have the ever popular game of Texas Hold’em Poker available in both cash ring and tournament fashion, however they do also have plenty of other variants too.

With that in mind consider playing games such as Omaha Poker, 32 Card Draw or their new game of Americana Poker too, however if you are longing to play 7 Card Stud Poker then we are pleased to let you know they also have plenty of tables which use that game as the base game too!

You really are going to have by far and away the biggest and most diverse range of poker games accessible from your one single log in, and remember all of those poke game variants are available via their instant play, downloadable and even via their mobile gaming platform, so you are always going to be able to pick and choose when and where you play your chosen poker games.

Live Poker Tournaments

You will always be able to get the best poker playing value out of your possibly overstretched poker playing bankroll when you take part in a range of different poker tournaments, and boy are there plenty of scheduled poker tournaments up and running 24 hours a day over at Tiger Gaming Poker.

Keep in mind that if you are never online or available when any of their scheduled poker tournaments are scheduled to start you can also take part in their sit n go poker tournaments, and by doing so once enough players have registered to take part in them they will start.

As sit n go poker tournaments only have a small number of places available in each of them you will find there is never any long and drawn out time periods before they are up and running, so you will also be able to take part in them whenever you want to give them a try!

Low Rake Bigger Pots

The way in which any poker site makes their income is by charging a rake on every single real money game played at their sites, and as such what you can and often will discover is that the rake you are going to find removed from each pot is going to vary in size and valued depending on just which poker sites and poker rooms you play at as a real money player.

What you will ideally want to be looking for is a poker site that only charges the absolute minimum rake, as that way there will always be more money left in the pots for players to win!

With that in mind we are pleased to inform you that Tiger Gaming Poker charge some of the very lowest rakes online and of any mobile poker sites too, and as such o matter whether you choose to play at their online or mobile poker site you are always going to find the pots on offer have more money left in them, once the poker site has taken their modest rake out of them!

You will of course find all of the rakes charged on their website however you will also find the rake charged are going to be displayed alongside the poker game you wish to play that are all listed once you sign into your poker site account.

Make sure you do peruse through that information but also do make a point of comparing the rake to some other poker site rakes, as by doing so you will soon discover why Tiger Gaming Poker is one of the most popular poker sites for Canadian players and players based all over the world also!

Poker Bonuses

How many times have you found that your poker playing bankroll hasn’t lasted anywhere near as long as you have hoped it would? Well, that is of course all part and parcel and part of the thrills and spills of playing poker online or in fact in any playing environment.

Tiger Gaming Poker bonusHowever, as a player at Tiger Gaming what you are going to be very pleased to hear is that they are a very generous site when it comes to giving away to their players all manner of different poker bonuses, and as such you will not only find a huge sign up welcome bonus on offer but you will also be able to claim lots of ongoing bonus bonuses too.

As the bonuses have been designed to be as fair and as generous as is possible you will find that even if you are only making a small modest valued deposit, you are going to be able to make use of them.

One thing to keep in mind however is that they use a bonus code system, and as such you should always make a note of the bonus code you wish to claim and then type it and enter it into the promo code box on their banking interface when making a qualifying deposit to claim those bonuses.

Multiple Poker Platforms

Download Tiger GamingAs someone who has a passion for playing poker, you will never know when the urge to play will take over you, and with that in mind we are very pleased to let you know there are in fact three different ways that you can get your poker playing fix at Tiger Gaming Poker as listed below!

Instant Play Poker – If you tend to utilize several different computers at home then it may be beneficial for you to consider making use of the web browser compatible, instant play poker platform on offer, for that way you will simply have to log into your poker account using any web browser attached to the computer you are using at the time an all of the poker games and poker tournaments will then become accessible to you from within that web browser!

Downloadable Poker – If you want to be given access to the most player adjustable option settings that will allow you to configure your own unique poker gaming experience then we would encourage you to download and install the downloadable poker platform, for it comes packed with lots of option settings not available on the other platforms!

Mobile Poker App – If you tend to be aware from home and do not always have access to a computer or laptop then there is now a brand new way you can always play poker games or enter any poker tournaments that you have an interest in, and that is by you downloading onto any touch screen mobile device the Tiger Gaming Poker app, so make sure that is something you do if you always want to have the ability of playing poker on the go!