Race Book Rebates with Tiger Gaming

Tiger Gaming Race Book RebatesOne of the main reasons why we just know you are going to have a very enjoyable time every single time you place any number of real money wagers at Tiger Gaming Race Book is that you are going to be earning a 7% rebate on every track.

That offer by the way is not a limited time offer, nor will you have to utilize any special bonus or promo codes to get access to your 7% rebate, it is a promotion that is ongoing and as such you will always qualify for it no matter how bad or good you do in regards to the horses you place your bets and wagers on!

When you think about it, that rebate coupled with the generous odds on offer on every single horse in every single race available on their betting platform, you really are going to be getting lots of value as you wager.

With that in mind please do make sure you take a look over their website for more details of that rebate as you will be very impressed by the way it is awarded to you with no fuss or hassle guaranteed and no need to claim it!

Bet on Any Horse Race!

It doesn’t matter which horses races in Canada or for that matter anywhere else in the world you do want to place bets and wagers on, you will always find a huge range of different horse race betting opportunities available to you at the Tiger Gaming Race Book.

What we would always advise any avid horse race bettor to do is to look yup the odds of the horses they want to place a bet or ager on and then lock in the best odds available, as hat way you will get more winnings paid out to you if your horse wins.

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